Monday, 27 May 2013

Bye Bye BRSM

Chemistry blogger BRSM is leaving to do a post-doc in the USA pretty soon. Jess from The Organic Solution arranged for a group of us to pass on our wisdom to him, in the hopes it'll help him excel in his new role. She's provided a set of questions for people to answer (a full list of responses is available at her blog).

As you might imagine a mere PhD student like me has very little advice to offer a smart fella like BRSM, and I've never lived in the USA either. Vittorio already advised BRSM to "run, run while you can!", so here are my remaining amateur tips! (... they're the opposite of pro-tips)

1. What is your message for BRSM
Good luck and have fun! Remember us when you're at the top...

2. What is one postdoc survival tip you would give to BRSM?
Be prepared for PhD students to expect you to know something about everything. Which you already seem to, admittedly.

3. Do you have a fun story you could share from your postdoc and/or US academic experience?
No, as I have neither. I look forward to hearing yours, BRSM.

4. A survival tip for living in the US? Share an idiom if you're American!
I've found Americans to be much more direct than us limeys. Whether you want to call it friendly or forward, it might be worth abandoning your concept of personal space. On a slightly more serious note, mind the exchange rate, and remember that your British accent will let you get away with anything. 

5. What would you like to see on BRSM blog in the future?
In case you haven't picked this up, I'm a big fan of BRSM. The regular discussions of papers old and new was one inspiration for #chemclub. All I can say is keep it up!

6. Anything else?
Why not follow Vittorio's fine lead and take up movie making? You could record snapshots throughout your tenure in the US, and compile it into a postdoc montage at the end, which could be shown to anyone thinking of following in your footsteps.

(Or you could just blog about it, I guess.)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

#chemclub Roundup 9

A quick round-up of posts to #chemclub from the past fortnight. Last week, #chemclub was featured at Grand CENtral - so hello to any new readers!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

#chemclub Roundup 8

Here's the regular roundup of papers posted to #chemclub. For the first time I'm including recent blog posts that discuss individual papers, as I mentioned earlier this week. If you've seen any around that I've missed, leave a link in the comments below.

#chemclub will be expanding further soon; if you want to get involved, get in touch!