Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The first rule of #chemclub is...

Here's an idea:

I subscribe to something like 20 chemistry journals' ASAP feed, and unless it's directly relevant to my work, it's easy to miss really cool, interesting new work. In fact, half the time I pick up on great papers from Twitter. 

We chemists are lucky to have a critical mass of social media addicts with an eye for good science. Why not harness this precious resource?

If you read a paper worth talking about, tweet a link and quick summary with the hashtag #chemclub.

Keep an eye on the #chemclub hashtag to find interesting papers (for pleasure... or literature presentations) and hopefully discussion. The idea is not to have a formal, regular discussion between a set group of people, but to quickly highlight cool papers and discuss them with whoever happens to be around.

Other possibilities would be classic papers, weird or unexpected results, or comedy gold.

@pnowak87 has already kicked off with some #BlogSyn fodder:

I'll do a weekly round-up of the best and post it up here for your delectation.

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